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Shadow of the Vampuss

[mantra-multi][mantra-column width=”3/4″]Deep in the mountains of Transylvania, there lives the last representative of a dying breed, Felis catus vampirus, also known as the…Vampuss! When young tomcat Jonathan Harker calls upon the reclusive Count Scratchula, he’’s led to believe it’’s just another business deal. Little does he realize that the course of his nine lives will be forever altered. Based on Bram Stoker’s horror classic, Shadow of the Vampuss is a dazzlingly-illustrated Gothic adventure that’s both beautiful and bizarre.

” ‘The children of the night . . . oh, what magic they make.’ ” These fascinating creatures are not Count Dracula’s “musical” wolves, but the cats of Karen Mahony and Alex Ukolov, artists/tale-tellers whose magically real feline evocations revisit Bram Stoker’s classic vampire novel with uncommon panache. Moonlit or candlelit, the graphic world of “Shadow of the Vampuss” is unique, enchanting, eerie, and stunningly beautiful. Never have cats, and vampires, been served so well.”
Carole Nelson Douglas, author the Midnight Louie feline mysteries. [/mantra-column] [mantra-column width=”1/4″]

Shadow of the Vampuss


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